[FACTS] Ways To Tell If Your Man Is Lured to Another Woman

Infidelity is an enemies to a happy relationship.
Being cheated on is not an easy thing for most
people to accept.
One thing we all should know about infidelity,
however, is that it doesn’t happen overnight.It
damages the love and trust between a couple and it
usually leads to lovers eventually parting ways.
A married man could have to entertain the thought
into his mind, flirting with temptation, before it
translates into action.
48% of cheating men say they did it because of
“emotional dissatisfaction.”
It tells us that about 48% of men who betrayed their
ladies due to emotional dissatisfaction with 40% of
the men found their mistress at work – mostly
women who respected and admired them attractive.
Only 6% slept with a woman he met at the same
In an article posted by FamilyShare, we learn that
there are 7 ways to tell if your husband is
fantasizing about another woman.
The usual clues:
1. He often compares you to other women.
2. He wants to change the way you dress
3. He is into p0rn0graphy
4. He often stares at other woman unconsciously
5. He tells you that you cant control him
6. He got lots of female friends on social media
7. He has a close relationship with the opposite s3x
These are some of the signs you need to observe.

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