[FACTS] Your Habits Are Why You Are Broke!

A house cannot be built, if its foundation are not
laid. So for you to raise a solid structure, a solid
foundation must be built.
This literally applies to every other thing in our life.
If we want to build a sound spiritual relationship
with God, feeding our soul with the words from the
bible is the foundation for that to happen. How do
we then, build a solid foundation for us to thrive in
While branding, running ads to create awareness,
and so what not, are needed to enhance our
business, i have considered all that as the external
factors, and not the foundation that our business/
enterprise should be built on. Am i saying we
shouldn’t do all this? of course not! So what then
are these factors that our business should be built
After reflecting on how i have thrive in
entrepreneurship for over a decade, and also study
closely, high performers in businesses, i have
realized that the foundation at which our success is
built upon in business, is our HABITS! – miss it
there, you miss everything.
I diligently took my time, to research on these
habits, and after vetting, came up with eight of
these habits that critically determines the growth of
any one in any business.
If you would like to know which habit to inculcate in
other to scale up that business of yours, then you
have to watch out for my next post.

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