[GISTS]: Burna Boy: Singer's Streaming Numbers Are Going Up Thanks To Kanye West

Following the release of Kanye West’s album Ye, a Nigerian artiste is believed to be benefiting from it’s hype in the person of Burna Boy. Burna Boy’s streaming numbers have gone up on streaming sites following the release of American rapper, Kanye West’s eight studio album, Ye. At first thought, one will be confused as to the correlation between Kanye West releasing an album and a spike in the streaming number of a Nigerian artiste. But look no father at unravelling the mystery than in Kanye West’s album titled Ye, which is also the title of track six on Burna Boy’s latest album, Outside released in January 2018. Prior to the release of Kanye’s album Ye on Friday, June 1, the rapper had built a lot of buzz around the project with his recent Twitter rants and outburst, and on the night leading to the album release, he had held an outdoor listening session in Wyoming which was made available via live stream. This heightened the interest of his fans and music lovers from across the world, who immediately took to the various online music sites in search of the album only to stumble on Burna’s single instead, as Kanye’s Ye wasn’t made available till later in the day. Burna Boy has come out to confirm that there has been in a boost in his streaming numbers thanks to Kanye West. Ye is one of the standout songs on Burna Boy’s album and during the recent Democracy day celebrations on May 29, some Nigerian youths even requested for the song to be adopted as the nations’ new anthem.

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