[VIDEO] Ciara Returns With New Song, “Level Up”: Watch it Here

Ciara is back.
Last week, the singer told her fans to “get ready to dance”, and now she has dropped a new upbeat single titled, Level Up. The song is produced by J.R. Rotem, and happens to be Ciara’s first songs since the release of her 2015 album, Jackie.
Level Up apparently directly references her controversial tweet about marriage  in January, when she told women to “level up” and get married, and many found it insensitive.
The tweet earned her major backlash on social media, even after she clarified that the message was about her journey from a single mother who begged to be loved only to later realise, as she grew, that the she had to love herself for her life to better, that it was all she meant when she posted the message on levelling up.
Now, in her song, she talked about her old mistakes, noting how much she has grown. She sang:
Them old mistakes are gone

I won’t do them no more

That’s old news, there’s new news

I done did that before

I turned them into something

My comeback on one hunnit

Watch it below.

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