[FACTS] 4 great s3x positions that help burn belly fat

If you skip your routine gym sections for a day, get er0tic and experience the health benefits of s3x.

  • Standing s3x position

When you’re intimate in a standing position you have to work hard to brace your core, support your weight (and your partner’s) and move many more muscles than you would be lying down – especially your calves and gluts.
  • Missionary position

Missionary is every couple’s go-to s3x position for a good number of reasons including helping you to reduce weight.
It works the glutes, inner thighs and core muscles and dependent on the exact position you adopt can also work your arms too.
  • Cowgirl s3x position

Cowgirl is a great calorie burner. If you want to maximize calorie burn and target your inner thighs, glutes and abs the cowgirl is the way forward. And throw in quads and hamstrings too if you decide to use a ‘squat variation’ position.
  • Doggystyle s3x position

In this primal position, the man will get a great workout for his glutes and core, whilst for the woman, it’s especially tough on the triceps, chest, core, and legs. All in all, it’s a great position for racking up that calorie expenditure.

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