[FACTS] Why do men feel intimidated by successful women?

The problematic reasons why many guys rarely go for rich and well-to-do women
Why are men scared of successful, independent women like these?
It’s becoming quite recurrent to hear single and unmarried men talk about how they’d love to be with women who aren’t all dependent on them… women who have their own thing going for them.
It’d appear that guys want to fall in love sensibly these days; they want to fall in love with women who are capable of pitching in with everything – especially financially.
So if almost every guy say they want women who aren’t dependent, why then are they scared to make moves on independent, successful, upward-mobile women?

Guys, you don’t need to feel bad for not wanting to date a girl becuase she’s broke.


There are still men intimidated by women who have great stuff going for them, and these are some reasons why this happens:

1. Inadequacy

There’s an undue sense of falling short in men when they are not richer or  more successful than women. Several men can’t deal with being less successful than the women they’ll be with. It’s not right but it’s what happens.

2. Ego

For some, it is an ego thing.
To be not as rich or not as successful as the woman they’d date or be in a relationship with is unimaginable for them.

Some guys just can’t stand being less successful than their women (Wizimatic)
Isn’t that some myopic way of viewing life and relationships?

The pattern of relationships and marriages in the society for such a long time has seen men more successful and being depended on by women and their children.
So while men might be clamouring for independent women, there are still some who [wrongly] can’t wrap their heads around having a woman who does not depend on them for anything.

4. Perceived disrespect

There’s a belief that independent and successful women have tendencies to be disrespectful.
Some guys would argue that being dependent  for most of their needs is one big reason why women respect  their partners.
Guys also feel the chances of a woman being disrespectful is increased if she is successful and have nor reason to be dependent on them. (Shutterstock)
So when the women can meet those needs without any assistance from men, they get out of control, become disrespectful and not as submissive as they should be.
Of course, this is another defective view to have. Not all independent women are disrespectful of their spouses and disrespect is an ailment that also affects broke, dependent women.
Overall, more guys need to know that women, too, want to be successful, get ahead in life and at the same time find true love and build happy families just like men.
This drive for success and career greatness is not something that should be used against them. If anything, it is something that should even make them more desirable especially for long-term relationships and marriages, so far they know how to find that healthy balance between that and family.
If you are a man and you do not know this, you still have a lot to learn.

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