[SPORTS] IWobi Named 3rd Best U-23 Midfielder In Europe

Alex Iwobi has being named third best U-23 in Europe.
Although Iwobi has being criticized in recent games, , a new performance indicator published by Ashwin Raman of football whispers suggested the super Eagle star as lived up to expectations this season. Raman analysed the matchesin Premier League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Seria A, using the advances stats and has ranked the top 20 midfielders and the attacking midfielders with 850 point  minute for open playxG+xA/90 It is a system of giving Mark’s to each shot or pass and  adding them to get a number and showing how much a player should have been decisive on average per match.       
 Top5 Midfielders
  1.  Diogo Jota of Wolverhampton Wanderers
2. Marcel Sabitzer of RB Leipzig
 3. Alex Iwobi
4. Dele Ali 
 5. Bernardo Silva

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