[SPORTS] Eden Hazard scored 2 goals as Chelsea beat West Ham United 2-0 at Stamford Bridge to move up to third place in the premier league table.

“Hazard speak, he said, I think we played well. The game was not so easy because West Ham is a great team. They created chances but in the end we did everything. We scored two great goals. The first goal? It is something special. I take the ball and when I can go forward I try to go forward. 
When I am in the box it is hard for a defender to challenge me because if they touch me it might be a penalty. I think I am a bit lucky when I shot, but it is a good goal. When I saw the ball in the net I was happy. I am small, so for me it is good. When I play against big guys it is very hard for them to change direction.”

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