[FACTS] How To Start A Conversation With A Girl Over Text Message

1: Greet Her Warmly And Politely

Before you start asking a girl questions over text, say “hello” in whatever polite way you’d like. Not only does this show that you have manners, it also lets you know that when you receive a message from her, she is actively on her phone. This way, when you ask your question, she will see your message and be more likely to continue the conversation with you.

2: Have A Goal In Mind

What is it that you’re looking for out of the conversation? If you start with a goal in mind, then you can plan ahead for how to continue the conversation.

Whether you’re looking to build her interest in you, or ask her out on a date with you this weekend, having a clear idea of what you’re looking for will help you plan how to get there.

3: Ask Questions That Make Her Think

While “how is your day?” may look good on paper, it’s not specific enough to develop an ongoing conversation. Basically, if she can answer the question without thinking, she be less likely to be interested enough to keep texting.

So here’s the deal: Asking her questions that make her think will capture her interest. And you want to be interesting to her, right? This article has great tips from her on how to keep a conversation going.

4: Determine The Tone Of The Conversation

If she’s replying with one-word answers, don’t try to force the conversation. Instead, wait for another time and try again later. It may just be that she’s too busy to have a meaningful conversation.

Look for signs that she’s interested and engaged, like longer responses or happy emoticons, before trying to move on to new questions in your conversation.

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