[SPORTS] Lionel Messi’s Net Worth and how much the Barcelona Star Earns?

Lionel Messi’s net worth and how much the Barcelona star earn?

This season been the first season Lionel Messi assumes full duties has captain of Barcelona FC after Andres Iniesta left the club.

The Argentina international being the best-paid player in La Liga last November by agreeing a new deal to extend his stay at Barcelona until 2021.

The Argentine’s existing contract was set to expire in the summer of 2018 and whether at Camp Nou or elsewhere, it was never in doubt that he would land a major pay day.

What is Messi’s net worth?

Messi’s net worth is estimated in 2019 to be £400m has against the 2018 of  between £200m and £230m, and probably comes in a touch lower than Ronaldo’s. These figures are speculative, though, especially as his business interests tend not to be widely publicized.

However, Forbes in 2018 ranked Messi second among athletes on their list of the 100 highest-earning celebrities of 2018, putting his income for the year at $112m (£85m), and eighth overall, making him the best earning footballer in the world. He was $4m ahead of Ronaldo and $12m ahead of Neymar, who was the next footballer on the list.

What sponsorship deals does Messi have?

Unlike Ronaldo, Messi’s many sponsorship deals are too numerous to list in their entirety but the most significant is with the makers of his boots. Their rivalry continues in the battle between Nike (Ronaldo) and Adidas (Messi) off the pitch.

A couple of months or so after Ronaldo signed a “long-term” deal with Nike in 2016 that is rumoured to be similar to the lifetime agreement penned by basketball star LeBron James – and potentially worth $1 billion – Messi, lo and behold, did similar with Adidas. The exact terms were not disclosed, but reports in Spain suggest it will take him through at least until the end of his playing career.

Messi has also been part of prominent campaigns with Pepsi, Gillette and Turkish Airlines. As part of their 2018 celebrity rich list, Forbes valued his endorsements at $27 million (£20m) for that year in total.

What charity work does Messi do?

As is the case with his business interests, Messi’s charity work is considerable but tends to be focused through sources and ventures he trusts. He has his own organisation, the Leo Messi Foundation, which he asked for donations to instead of wedding gifts when he married long-term partner Antonella Roccuzzo.

The initiatives Messi backs are generally related to vulnerable children and their healthcare, and he was appointed an ambassador for Unicef in 2010 having worked with them since 2004.

How many social-media followers does Messi have?

Messi boasts extremely popular Facebook and Instagram pages but is not on Twitter, save for a ‘Team Messi’ account created by sponsors Adidas.

He does, however, play second fiddle to Ronaldo when it comes to social-media presence. Messi has the second-most popular Facebook page among athletes of any sport, with 90 million likes, and is fourth on Instagram (112 million) after Ronaldo, Dwayne Johnson and Neymar.

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