[FACTS] How to Get Famous for Singing | 9 Steps to Take


There are thousands of people who want to be famous for singing but very few make it to the top. There is no right way to do it and many people give up way too easily because they cant find fame quickly. 


Working on vocal performance, image and songwriting are essential to get famous for singing. However, one of the fastest ways to become a famous singer is through talent competitions, performing on big stages for famous judges from the music industry. 

Being a great singer is no guarantee of fame. Even after years of work, many singers still struggle to find the recognition they are looking for. Without a doubt, you’ll need plenty of hard work and dedication. There are also many things that you can do to help yourself become a famous singer.  

How to become a famous singer

There’s never any guarantee to become a famous singer. However, these 9 steps will only help you on your quest to fame.

  • Work on your vocal technique
  • Sing and write amazing songs
  • Become a great performer 
  • Believe you can be famous
  • Own your look and style   
  • Know your core audience 
  • Get recording in the studio 
  • Make engaging videos
  • Build an influential network


9 ways that could help you to become a famous singer

#1 Work on your vocal technique

It is very difficult to become a famous singer if you cant sing. If you cant sing and do become famous for it then it will almost definitely be for the wrong reasons. This is why you need to start working on your vocal technique as soon as possible. 

It is a good idea to get a vocal coach or get classically trained to help you become the best technical singer that you can be. This may not be an option for everyone but there are great videos online that can help train your technique.  

It is also important to work out who your favorite singers are and find out the technique behind their voices. Being technically great is one thing but it is by finding your own unique sound and style of singing that will set you apart from the rest. 

#2 Sing and write amazing songs 

The music industry revolves around the performance of songs because people are emotionally moved by great songwriting. A great singer without great songs to sing is like a great builder with no tools or materials and wont be able to accomplish what they were born to do. 

You should start learning covers to understand how songs are written and structured and practice performing them. When youre entering talent competitions, song choice is very important. You need to pull the judges and audience in straight away with your voice and also connect with what youre singing.  

Once youve learnt some covers and explored the process behind songwriting then start writing your own songs. Dont expect hits to come out straight away. If you get into a habit of writing regularly by yourself and with others then you will only learn more and get better. 


#3 Become a great performer

You can be a great singer behind closed doors but you need to be just as good in front of others. Some people with great voices dont know how to perform in front of a crowd and will never be famous because no one will know how good they are. 

Being a great performer doesnt mean you need to have a whole dance routine with lights and fireworks. Great performers can stun a whole audience with their presence through their talent and vulnerability on stage.  

At the end of the day, famous singers are entertainers so you need to provide entertainment value for audiences. The most famous singers are those that can entertain crowds of thousands of people and this always comes down to their ability as a performer. 

#4 Believe you can be famous

Self-belief is vital in an industry that will constantly knock you back. You need to get used to rejection at an early stage because almost everyone thinks that they are ready before they are. Your confidence is just as important as your voice because there are plenty of famous singers with more confidence than talent.  

Never let rejection knock your confidence though. If you use it as motivation to become better and more resilient then it will serve you well in the future across all aspects of your life.  

The most famous singers were rejected constantly when they started out. No one else would believe in them and some were even told that they would NEVER be famous. However, their belief in their self and their resilience after countless rejections is what proved their critics wrong and enabled them to handle the immense pressures of fame. 

#5 Own your look and style 


When you walk onto a stage, people will see you before they hear you. As a result, they will instantly form an idea and expectation about who you are as an artist without even hearing you sing.  

It is a great idea to think about a distinctive visual style early on because this can really help audiences remember you and identify you as a performer. It will also help you translate your style to create stunning music videos further down the line. 

Keep an eye on what your favorite performers are wearing and learn basic style tips. Also, work out what colors and patterns you like and how you can integrate that into your style. Many artists are remembered for what they wear as much as their music so dont take your look for granted. 


#6 Know your core audience

It wont matter how good you or your songs are if youre performing in front of the wrong crowd. For example, an audience of metal heads is unlikely to be entertained by a 12-year-old girl performing Justin Bieber songs. 

You have to find your core audience before you become famous in the mainstream. The artists you like and songs that you enjoy singing will help you find out more about your potential audience. Try and find out more about who else enjoys the same things that you do. 

To build your audience, you need to understand them and give them something different that they arent getting elsewhere. Try and communicate with them no matter how big they are and find out more about what songs and covers they want to hear.

#7 Get recording in the studio 

Youll be ready to get into the recording studio after youve built confidence as a singer and songwriter. Recording sessions are a very different experience compared to performing in front of an audience so give yourself some time to get used to it. 

Recording studios will have engineers and producers that could really help you improve.  Working with producers will give you a professional perspective and they could be connected with famous singers from previous work. 

Great recordings are very important to help you build a larger audience. Whilst performance will build the buzz and your core audience, your records can be used to get on radio and Spotify to help bring in extra income and gain new fans across the world.  

#8 Make engaging videos 

Videos of you singing are a great way to showcase your voice whether its covers or originals. Some very successful singers such as Justin Bieber and Jorja Smith got their break through uploading videos of themselves singing on YouTube.  

Very simple videos in your bedroom can be really effective in gaining attention but you can also be more creative with it. If you can engage with your fans and show off your personality through videos then you can effectively build an audience online.  

If you have a great song and made a great recording, you might want to make a music video for it. Many artists have elevated their fame through great music videos and it can be a good opportunity to show off your confidence and style as an artist. 

#9 Build an influential network 

If you are going to have any chance of being famous in the music industry then you need people who are active in it to get behind you. Actively building your network to meet influential people can bring you new opportunities and increase your chance of success.  

There are a lot of people in the industry known as gatekeepers who are well connected to people that can help you become famous. These can be managers, lawyers or agents who really understand what it takes to be successful and can send you in the right direction.   

Having someone influential that really believes in you can make a huge difference. They can offer a lot of guidance and enable you to progress more quickly than if you were trying to achieve fame by yourself.   

How to get famous for singing with talent competitions 

Talent competitions are brilliant opportunities to become famous as a singer. If you believe you are good enough to win and have had positive honest feedback about your ability, then you might be ready to apply. 

When you audition, bring a lot of confidence but dont be arrogant. Your success comes down to how well you interact with the crowd and judges as much as your voice and performance ability and you dont want to put them off. 

Be friendly and humble to win over the audience quickly. A great voice with a poor attitude and personality wont get you very far because people wont want to vote for you. If you combine a top attitude with a great look and amazing vocal talent then you stand a better chance of going all the way. 

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